Construction, Adhesives & Sealants


Ravago Chemicals is present in all Building Market Applications, like Cement Basic Mortars, Special Mortars, Tile Fix Mortars, Rendering Mortars, Gypsum, Concrete, Micro-Cement, Putties, etc. with:

  • A high quality range of additives for formulators and producers

  • Providing services and solutions through our distribution network of Technical expertise

  • Specialties portfolio of comprehensive additives, resins, fibers, thickeners, fillers, pigments, etc.

  • Market logistic services

At Ravago Chemicals, we understand building market necessities and developments to establish a long-term partnership with our customers, based on transparency, flexibility and mutual trust.


Our products


Accelerators / Retarders:

Calcium formate, Tartaric/Citric acid, Sodium gluconate, Lithiumcarbonate



Polycarboxylates, Melamine, Lignosulfonates


Redispersable Powders:

VAC, VAE, VAC-Veova, Copolymers



Calcium Aluminate Cement


Rheology modifiers:
Cellulose Ethers, Starch Ethers, Xanthan Gum


Plasticizers & Tackifiers:

Rosin Esters, C9,C5 Resins, (Non-)Phthalate Plasticizers, Triacitin



Iron Oxides, TiO2



Acrylics, PU, Epoxy, Polyaspartics, Starches, Silicone resins

Fibers & Additives:

Cellulose fibers, Airentraining agents, Catalysts, Defoamers, dispersing agents, Stearates, Water Repellents