When Raf Van Gorp founded Ravago in 1961, he was given the opportunity to buy the premises of a dynamite company in Arendonk, Belgium. This enabled him to work out the luminous idea he had: recycling production waste from the plastics producing petrochemical companies. From there, the company grew into a successfull service provider to the petrochemicals industry as as distributor and reseller of plastic resins. Diversification towards production and distribution of building products guaranteed a second revenue line in Europe. Distribution and trading of chemicals in the most recent activity of the Group. Today, the Ravago Group is the number one service provider on the global market of plastics, rubber, and chemicals.


The way we work

Ravago Chemicals is a global chemical distribution company with a leading position in the EMEA and North America region. We are the go-to partner for the chemical industry and deliver the right chemicals materials and specialty additives to our customers. We are a family company by history and we value the long standing relationships we have with our suppliers, our customers and our own people. We rely on the technical and industry expertise of our team and we make an effort to be innovative and to integrate new developments - in products, materials, trends and market developments - in our daily operations.

Ravago Chemicals offers a comprehensive product portfolio of basic raw materials and specialties for a wide range of applications, such as Asphalt, Coating & Construction, Care Chemicals (home care, industrial cleaning, institutional cleaning, personal care), Polymer processing and manufacturing, Water Treatment, Life Sciences (food, feed, pharma), Agriculture, Paper & Cardboard and Oil & Lubricants. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to foster a global presence with a local entrepreneurial feel and to further advance our world-class chemical distribution by integrating our business across all regions. This way we can provide additional value to our customers and supply partners. We maintain commercialy entrepreneurial approach with the flexibility to tailor our practices to the needs of our strategic supplier base. An ethical approach with long term relationship in mind combined with a sound entrepreneurial spirit and close stewardship of the staff, is the foundation of our business model.