Quality Management System ISO 9001 – RSPO

• RAVAGO CHEMICALS SA is committed to the development of its operations to comply with the sustainability
policy and promote its application throughout the supply chain.

• Satisfied customers are the basis upon which Ravago Chemicals SA has been built and we have the ambition
to continuously improve our Customer Service by means of measurable tools.

• The CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is put in place to ensure we have a detailed and structured
overview of all the background information and customer requirements

• Through centralised Supply Chain activities, Ravago Chemicals SA wants to reduce costs, increase operational
efficiency and create a more effective relationship with her suppliers.

• The consolidation of administrative functions within the Ravago Group such as invoice handling, reporting, IT
management and Human Resources leads to cost savings and improved efficiency.

• The Ravago Chemicals SA objectives depend on the overall commercial and service objectives of the business.
These objectives are set once per year and will be routinely reviewed to ensure they reflect the evolving
needs of our company and to continue satisfy our customers’ requirements.

• All employees will be monitored once a year. During this appraisal, the importance of the quality of service is
stressed. Also by means of regular meetings, all aspect of the business are controlled and corrective actions
can be taken or installed to improve quality.

• Ravago Chemicals constitutes of a team of people, which is the most important resource to guarantee our
future. For this reason, they must be qualified and receive continuous training in all aspects that affect the
quality of the activities they carry out, the products they produce, the market they are active in and the
service they offer to their customers.

• At Ravago Chemicals SA, we are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality
Management System in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and other international standards (e.g.
HACCP, FAMI-QS, RSPO) by conducting regular audits of all processes. All members of the organisation are to
recognise their responsibilities towards Quality and to implement the service level to a standard which
accomplishes the company mission

• At Ravago Chemicals SA, we are committed to adapt and revise the quality policy to these purposes, to make
it understandable inside and outside the organization and for its continuous improvement.

• Fundamentally, we are looking for long-term relationships with all our Customers -our employees, our
external Customers and our suppliers. With such long-term relationships comes trust and understanding and,
we hope, many more years of profitable business.

• Ravago Chemicals SA complies with local and national laws, as well as with statutory and industry regulatory


Issued by Filip Van Camfort
20 February 2020